Sunday, May 6, 2007

Good Girls

I've been working like crazy on some new Knob Lick pages, so I decided to take a boobie break. Dashed out this 45 minute doodle of the Knob Lick ladies in their favorite undies, [only the "good" girls, I might do a villains one later.]

For the curious, from left clockwise:

-Bulla O'Riley, our heroine and an aimless, young woman who doesn't think she's particularly special, despite the fact she's an incredible mixologist. She likes both girly and mannish clothing, so the ruffled boy-cut undies suit her to a T.

-Zoe McCowen, lead singer of a local, fourth-wave-ironically-trying-to-be-first-wave indie punk band called “Zarathustra Says So.” [Although she tries to be all indifferent and hardcore, she's rather insecure and superstitious. Hence her worn, "lucky" undies. XD] She rivals Bulla for Chad's affections, although Bulla doesn't realize that's why she hates Zoe. [Or that she likes Chad like that, even. Oh Bulla, you're so dense...]

-Valerie, a fallen Valkyrie with an erotic penchant for Wagner. She's a classy lady underneath it all, despite the attitude she tries to put forth. [I'm not quite set on her appearance yet, but this is where she's at right now.]

-Carrie Kohen, Brie's woman at the beginning of the series. Despite her petite, pixie appearance, Carrie is seven years older than Brie and Bulla; she worries that Brie will eventually realize she's too old for him, so Carrie wears youthful clothes and hair styles. It's unnecessary, of course: Brie likes his women, [and men,] older by five years at the very least.

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